Four Eyed Monsters is one of the latest movies the FrostClick/FrostWire team is co-promoting with VODO and in my opinion – one of the best ones we’ve had so far. It’s not new – it has been released in 2005 – but it’s a very current, captivating and beautifully executed narrative feature.

The movie tells a real story of a relationship created online and cultivated for months solely via means of artistic expression – drawings, notes, emails and physical contact – no speaking! As the couple gets more and more attached to each other tensions rise, expectations change and insecurities come out. Question remains – will the relationship survive if it becomes to grounded in reality!?! Is it love?

Susan Buice is a struggling artist waiting tables, Arin Crumley is a filmmaker editing wedding videos – together they’ve created a monster – a four eyed monster – who they feed with art & emotions to keep alive. It seems that even this movie was an attempt to keep the art and the creative process going so the relationship does not change or derail… Being forced to face the reality and figure out what keeps them together is what makes their story and the movie so intriguing and unique. Filled with hand drawn imagery, interesting shots and tight, fast paced edits, the film is also quite an eye candy for an indie flick.

Four Eyed Monsters have been very well received around the world. It played in many festivals, won awards, created an amazing following on social networking sites and even played on IFC (but the partnership with the conventional media did not end well – read more on Arin’s blog). The movie’s creators have finally turned to peer-2-peer for help with distribution and now, after just a few days have already broke 200k downloads.

At the time this post was written’s tracker shows a little over 200,000 completed downloads, we think with enough word of mouth and the power of the internet this film can easily be distributed to over 1 million people. Help Four Eyed Monsters make legal file sharing history by sharing this film as much as you can.

If you like the movie, make sure to keep seeding it and donate, if you can. Susan and Arin have maxed out all their credit cards making it – they deserve a big reward and an incentive to make more great art for the world to see. If you can’t collaborate make sure you spread the word to friends and on your favorite online community.

There is also a few podcast episodes that tell the behind the scenes story of what happened after the movie was created – it is amazingly well made for a podcast and very interesting to see – I highly recommend it.

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