Scrooge (1935)

This movie is based on the famous novella by Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol. The entire story revolves around a miser named Scrooge, and how he outrageously hates the cheerful and joyful Christmas season. Ebenezer Scrooge is a proverbial Victorian miser, going about his business, and he just excels at exploiting his clients and his employee Bob Cratchit. The protagonist has a dislike towards the Christmas season and bears no happiness towards the happiness of the rich and poor, old and young, he detests the celebrations and the decorations.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Yes, its bad; we know. In fact it was hailed as one of 100 worst movies of all time on IMDb and described by many as the worst of all the Christmas movie flops to date. Yet, its there. And for the past 47 years it made thousands cry... with laughter. So why not share some of that unconventional cheer this holiday season. Are you ready than? Get your family, some popcorn, and open your heart for the poorly written and silly children's movie which according to one movie critic is "like a car accident unfolding before your eyes, it's impossible to look away even if only to see how bad it can get."

Four Eyed Monsters

Four Eyed Monsters is one of the latest movies the FrostClick/FrostWire team is co-promoting with VODO and in my opinion - one of the best ones we've had so far. It's not new - it has been released in 2005 - but it's a very current, captivating and beautifully executed narrative feature. The movie tells a real story of a relationship created online and cultivated for months solely via means of artistic expression - drawings, notes, emails and physical contact - no speaking! As the couple gets more and more attached to each other tensions rise, expectations change and insecurities come out. Question remains - will the relationship survive if it becomes to grounded in reality!?! Is it love?

Sita Sings the Blues

Sita is a goddess separated from her beloved Lord and husband Rama. Nina is an animator whose husband moves to India, then dumps her by email. Three hilarious shadow puppets narrate both ancient tragedy and modern comedy in this beautifully animated interpretation of the Indian epic Ramayana. Set to the 1920's jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw.

Big Buck Bunny

‘Big Buck Bunny’ is a short 3D animation movie created by the Amsterdam based ‘Blender Institute’ and a small international team of creators. After a production period of over six months, this short film premiered in the hip new Amsterdam cinema ‘Studio K’ and is now available for everyone else to freely enjoy and share.

Zeitgeist: The Movie

Zeitgeist: The Movie is a 2007 documentary film by Peter Joseph. It asserts a number of conspiracy theory-based ideas, including the Christ myth theory, alternative theories for the parties responsible for the September 11 attacks in 2001 and that bankers manipulate the international monetary system and the media in order to consolidate power.