Were you unhappy with your organizational efforts this year? Have you promised to rectify this when the New Year comes?

‘FET’ helps to ensure that this promise does not become as empty as the one you made last year… or the year before that. This form of freeware is a timetable generator and it applies to people who attend school, high-school or university. Teachers will benefit from this program as well. FET ensures that every organizational detail is recorded neatly and remembered.

The interface of this program is exceedingly simple and easy to work with. In saying this, the timetable can be as complex as the user desires because there is an option of entering as many technicalities as one requires. For example, a user is even given the opportunity of recording the amount of room changes they endure per day. The interface of this program is broken up into categorical tabs and each of these lead to specific aspects of the creation process. For instance, in the ‘Data’ tab, a user enters in their activities, teachers, subjects and institution name by clicking on each individual option and entering information in a newly opened window. The user does this until all of the applicable options within all of the tabs are completed. A timetable can then be generated by simply clicking the ‘Timetable’ tab (located on the far right of the interface) and then choosing the ‘generate’ option.

FET will guide you in your organizational processes and it will erase fears associated with them. Ensure that next year is as stress free as possible and download this form of freeware!

FET is licensed under GNU GPL.

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