WARNING: This game contains graphic images so please don’t download if this isn’t your cup of tea. Roulette is an experimental and disturbing game created by Peter Lu. I cannot stress enough that if you feel that the game will have a negative effect on you, then steer clear.

This is a one button game where you’ll find yourself sitting in a table from your opponent playing Russian roulette – you and your opponent take turns firing a gun at your head. The empty room makes the game even creepier than you might expect. Again, only give it a go if you think you have the stomach for it.

Roullete has a simple premise; load a gun with a single bullet and take turns taking the weapon and holding it in your head as you pull the trigger. Even though the game doesn’t show any blood, it’s still quite intense because you really don’t know when that bullet will come careening out of your barrel. The graphics also add to the intensity and mood of the game.

All you have to do to pull the trigger is hold the spacebar once it’s your turn. Tapping the spacebar automatically lets your character place the gun back on the table.

To add to the unease, your opponent will continue to add several dark comments about the game as well as in cases, show his hesitance to pull the trigger. The outcome of each game is random and so will your competitors reactions so you really won’t know what to expect.

Trust me, regardless of the absence of blood and gore, this is still a pretty disturbing game. There are plenty of times that you’ll find yourself turning away from the screen when your opponent is pulling the trigger. If you think you can handle it, Roulette is available for download on Windows or Mac.

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