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Flying Sheeps

In Flying Sheeps, you get to play a distraught but determined farmer who is serious about getting his sheep back. You use and maneuver around a hot air balloon while trying to collect all of the flying sheep and bring them back to their pens on the ground. Developed by Bad Mouse Digital Art, the company is a small indie game developer from South America, particularly Chile. Apart from this one, the team has also released their multiplayer action game, Red Flag for the PC.

Can Knockdown

Miss going to the carnival and playing those standard carnie games? Well, here's your chance to bring the fun wherever you are or simply satisfy your nostalgia for the old times. Can Knockdown is the electronic version of those throw-a-ball-on-a-stack-of-bottles carnival game that you might remember playing as a kid. The game is created by Infinite Games. The company is no newbie to the world of portable gaming, having released several games in different platforms like Symbian, PPC, Palm, and even N-Gage. For their iPhone and iPad game titles, the list includes Sky Force and Sky Force Reloaded, iQuarium, Sailboat Championship and among others.


If you are the gamer who has been hooked to the likes of Final Fantasy since time immortal, then we just have picked out the perfect offering for your gaming taste buds. Avenger on Android is the answer to the Final Fantasy series, with graphics, characters and music sharing an uncanny resemblance to the popular franchise. Created by CWA Games, this developer has made quite a remarkable move with their previous titles on the Android market and Avenger does not stay anywhere behind them.

Team Fortress Arcade

Team Fortress Arcade is a retro side scrolling demake created by Eric Ruth and inspired by the popular online shooter from Valve, Team Fortress 2. Ruth has been known to take big name titles and giving it his own spin. He's the same guy who created side scroller versions of Halo and Left4Dead and even an 8-bit remake of DJ Hero. This cool sidescroller has been winning raves from fans of the original game as well as those that are just discovering it. Like the original, the developer promises to include an online multiplayer function later on but for now players will have to settle with sharing their keyboard with a friend if they want to play co-op mode.

N (Metanet Software)

One of the most addictive and sometimes frustrating game you can ever play, N is an award winning title that involves tons of jumping, climbing, running and all those other cool ninja skills. The game was created by Metanet Software back in 2005 and won the audience choice award for the Independent Games Festival that same year. Today, the game has spawned a console (multiplayer) version for the Xbox Live Arcade, the Nintendo DS and the PSP titled, N+. N was originally offered as a flash game but you can download it now onto your computer. There's a version available for the Mac, Linux and of course, Windows system.

Black Lodge (Jak Locke)

Black Lodge is the much talked about videogame homage to the wildly popular Lynchian cult classic, Twin Peaks. If you're a fan of the series, you should be all over this game. It's a beautiful piece that essentially captures the craziness, mystery and magnetic storyline of the original tv show. The game was created by Jak lodge and features all the goodness the original storyline has to offer plus a bit more. With amazing Atari 2600 style, the game is playable for both Mac and PC. It also comes with a manual that the developer encourages you to read first before starting.


If you're looking for a different type of balloon busting game, iSplume might just be the game to try out next. Originally offered for sale, the game is now available as a free download on the Mac App Store. This cool puzzle game from Flash Bang Studios has gained quite a lot of fans since its release. Unlike regular puzzle bobble types, this one makes use of quirky little creatures called splumes. The objective is a bit similar to the original though. You have to position at least three similar colored splumes in order for them to pop. Of course, there are additional sets of rules that help make this one a little bit more interesting than its counterparts.

Ruins (Cardboard Computers)

One of the more interesting games of late, Ruins, is a beautiful puzzle platformer involving dogs, rabbits and gorgeous shadowy landscapes. The game was created by Cardboard Computers, the same people responsible for that equally intriguing point & click about repairing balloons, Balloon Diaspora. They've been around for some time and have released quite a handful of titles under their name. Specializing in short art games, the company is well-known for its beautiful graphics and quirky themes. Ruins is no exception to this. With a stunning game setting and an unconventional gameplay, it's definitely worth your time.

A Monster Ate My Homework

Hailed as the next "Angry Birds," A Monster Ate My Homework is an addictive physics game that's charming and tons of fun to play. It's similar to those games you used to play at the carnival where you would knock down stacks of bottles by throwing a ball at it. The only difference is that you get to play this at the comfort of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Add to the mix colorful graphics, angry looking blocks and a really fun gameplay and you have yourself a winner. The game features 80 unique levels and an amazing 3D environment where you can easily throw the ball from any angle.