Okozo ensures that your desktop is never boring by livening it up with movement and interaction. Using this form of freeware, a user is able to embed interactive calendars and clocks onto their desktop, along with many other things that can be pulled from the net.

Animations are flash based and unlike WMV based desktop animations, Okozo animations require minimal CPU usage and memory. This deems it more practical when compared to ‘Dreamscenes’ and similar programs.

On top of this, animations are extremely stylish and neat. It is easy to imagine that an animated and interactive desktop could become overwhelming at times. Do not worry, this isn’t the case for Okozo. Its animations are fairly subtle and are only noticeable if focused on.

There are two downsides to Okozo. Firstly, it can only play ‘.okozo’ files, meaning that popular files like ‘.SWF’ must be converted in order to be used by Okozo. This can be done on the official Okozo website and a user must wait until the site converts the file. Secondly, at the moment, there is only a moderate amount of selection and a user is only given a limited amount of power in customizing the designs.

Overall, Okozo is an excellent program, it is easy to use, light, free and it is definitely worth a shot. As Okozo grows older, I am sure that more desktop animations will become available and the program will improve. It is one of the most advanced programs of its kind and it will definitely enhance your desktop.

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