Looking for a quick and simple way to create diagrams or a flowchart? Diagram Designer is a helpful and free program that will make your life much easier. Although not that many of us might need a flowchart every single time, the program is especially helpful for individuals in business, teachers or even students.

Designed by Michael Vinther, the program was released just recently and made available as a free download. The program is ideal for business presentations or even organizing your ideas if you prefer to have a visual accompaniment to your notes.

The program itself is quite easy to use. All the templates and arrows are presented in one side of the screen. All you have to do is click and drag on the right shape and size that you want and it will automatically appear on the screen. It’s possible to fill the shapes with various text and even infuse color inside it.

The color box though is sort of hidden at the top part of the screen so you need to look for it first. Creating diagrams and flowcharts using this simple drag and drop technique makes everything much faster and easier.

Despite its functionality, there is one problem with this program especially for those who aren’t HTML savvy. Although it allows users to place text inside the boxes, when it comes to customizing the fonts like italicizing or underlining, the codes have to be done in HTML format. This can be a bit aggravating to those who are not really fans of html coding.

Nevertheless, the program is still very easy to use compared to similar flowchart designers.

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