Fascinated by water or simply want a cool screensaver when your Mac is on standby? Check out Lotsa Water. This amazing screensaver gives you the illusion that your entire monitor is submerged underwater. You’ll get that realistic looking ripple effect similar to when a raindrop falls on a water’s surface. It’s simply stunning.

The screensaver works on Snow Leopard and requires a Mac OS X  10.3 or a much later version in order to work properly. It’s definitely a cool screensaver that you can easily enjoy.

Go ahead and grab it. It’s available as a free download and will give your Mac an extra special look even when on standby.Even if you’re not much of a water person, this stunning screensaver will no doubt still impress. Lotsa Water makes your screen look like you’re looking at a waters surface. The ripple effect is quite realistic that everything in your desktop will look like it was submerged under water; giving that distorted image we are all familiar with.

Despite its beauty, the developer admits that it can take a huge chunk of your CPU power. Hence, it’s advisable that you tweak on the settings first before anything else. You can adjust the sharpness of the image or pretty much just tinker with the settings so it won’t eat so much of your CPU resources.

Overall, even though it is a bit of a power hogger, the program still makes your screen look absolutely wonderful. Download this screensaver by hitting the link on the upper left.

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