Having a slow computer can be pretty annoying. This is especially true if you work fast and wish your programs would open at one click of a mouse. If you suspect that there’s simply too much junk that’s causing your system to move like molasses, then try out System Ninja.

This nifty tool is designed to do a thorough sweep of your system; getting rid of all the unwanted junk you’ve¬†accumulated¬†from visiting and downloading various things onto your computer. Of course, it’s features don’t stop there, you can expect so much more from this little program apart from a simple cleanup.

The System Ninja works fast. When you run it, the program will go through all of your files and check almost everything that’s burrowed in your system. From cookies, temporary internet files to recent documents and history, this handy software won’t leave any stone unturned.

Using the program is also pretty easy. All you need to do is download and install it. Then simply click the Scan Drive option and it should work right off the bat. A list of everything that the program considers junk will show up. You’ll have the option to tick or untick the ones you would like to keep or delete. Keep in mind though that the system does not create an automatic backup so always double check items you’re not sure about.

Apart from functioning as a cleaner, the system also includes a Startup Manager and a Process Manager so you can keep an eye out for the apps that launch on startup or ones that are currently working.

The program is quite effective in what it does. It is pretty easy to use and doesn’t require any complicated process. The best part of course, is that it’s offered absolutely free.

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