Protecting your work and documents has become really important in this day and age. Thanks to technology, it’s become quite easy to send information and even sensitive documents via email. The only problem though is that it’s also very easy to duplicate content illegally if there’s no proper way of authenticating them.

If you want a guaranteed way of protecting your files, then check out XolidoSign. This simple but efficient software lets you add a timestamp or digital signature to your files so you can easily verify them. It also allows your recipient to verify the signature, ensuring that you are both receiving untampered documents.

XolidoSign is packed with plenty of helpful features. For instance, it can identify different types of electronic signatures such as PKCS7, CadES-C, CMS, CadES-XL and so much more. The program works on Windows 2000, Vista, XP and 7 without a hitch. For first time users, there’s a free downloadable manual available for use.

Other features that accompany the program include the capacity to work with various files such as PDFs, Word, Excel, Text, and HTML.  Users can also specify whether they want the signature to show or not.

Moreover, the program has an interface that is simple to navigate and the results can be interpreted easily as well. Pretty much, everything can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. It’s perfect for anybody who has to handle proprietary documents  like engineers, designers, physicians, artists, journalists etc. Give it a try and see for yourself. You’ll find this very helpful.

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