Project Dogwaffle (and yes, that is a weird name) is the brainchild of special effects artist, novelist and animator, Dan Richie. What can it do, you ask? It can help you create amazing art or help you edit existing images as long as you manage to find your way around the software.

The program efficiently runs on a Windows and it is available for free download as long as it’s for personal use only. There’s a commercial version, of course, but if you’re looking to save up some dough, then this free version will do the trick.

If you are looking for a simple but effective program that can churn out beautiful pieces of art in the end, then take a bite on Project Dogwaffle.

This quirky named software does have quite a few tricks up its sleeves. For one, it has all the basic features a regular paint program contains. From regular tools, to real time filters, gradients, image warping and so many more; this nifty program has all the basics packed. However, the developers want users to take the program and soar with it; urging them to create “unnatural” paintings.

Quoting, Project Dogwaffle is “a program designed for creative individuals who want to get down and dirty with their pixels.” Other features that the program offers include multiple levels of Undo, seamless textures and alpha channels. Plugins are also provided if you feel like extending the interface. Help and Tutorials are on-hand for those who want to use it and there are also several filters that you can play with.

Developers promise that the program isn’t a second rate software compared to their commercial versions. It is a “fully functional” version that includes plenty of features users can enjoy. It’s offered absolutely free with no expiry or time trials, so you might want to include this program in your list of must-try freeware.

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