If you love sweet indie pop and want songs that will make you feel all bright and cheery throughout the day, then Gypsy Paw is a must-listen compilation. Eastern Phoebes is the brainchild of couple Ry Smith and Meg Bayley. This cute couple creates music out of their living room; turning simple guitar chords and lovely harmonies into wonderful sounds.

Gypsy Paw is the second digital release from the duo. Their first being, Rods of Energy, a short EP that features 7 tracks of pure twee folk pop.

Much like their previous compilation, this second EP is made from the same sweet and catchy indie pop pot and will make you want to prance around happily in your living room.

More recently, the duo has expanded into becoming a quartet; adding both Rick Kattermann on guitars/bass and Frank Filipo on drums for their live performances.

Their EP, Gypsy Paw is a lively mix of gorgeous harmonies, handclaps, sweet lyrics and sunshine dispositions all rolled into one. Kick-starting your listening pleasure with the chummy cut, Old Toronto. The track seems as if it was plucked from a catchy children’s television program. It’s beaming with fun harmonies and enveloped with plenty of happy energy. As for the title track, the song sticks true to the group’s aesthetic. Filled with quirky lyrics, lovely acoustic instruments and a catchy beat that’ll make you want to play it as background music throughout the day.

They cap the little EP with what seems to be a homage to the female praying mantis in, I’m Gonna Bite Your Head Off When I’m Done Making Love To You. The song is quite funny if you listen to the lyrics. It’s very enjoyable and perfect for easy listening.

Overall, you’ll  gain a wonderful companion soundtrack with this record. Something you can pop in your player if you want to be taken to a land full of sweet, sweet folk harmonies.

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