Travel back in time when Tumbleweed Wanderers was just starting out. For years, this four-man band from Oakland, California has captivated the hearts of indie listeners with its soulful folk-rock musings such as the songs in their 2012 release titled So Long.

In this collection, Tumbleweed Wanderers delivers 11 well-arranged pieces that sets the stage for ample self-introspection and pure musical bliss.

Opening the collection is No Longer Waiting. Here, Tumbleweed Wanderers welcomes listeners with their signature low-key folk guitar strings coupled with slow-burning earthy vocals. Press play and let this simple yet moving track soothe your weary soul.

Take It Back follows in a more upbeat vibe with a hint of rock and roll guitars and drum beats. Paired with a drink and good conversations with friends, this track is a perfect conclusion to your day.

Meanwhile, So Long Blues mixes modern and traditional influences with synthesizers enveloped with folk strings. The track showcases Tumbleweed Wanderers’ experimentation while still sticking with its roots.

Freedom Town closes the collection in a soulful mix of rhythmic, jazzy beats with crisp vocals. Listen as hand-clapping beats, guitar strings, and drum beats build upbeat melodies with a twist of funk.

Since day one, Tumbleweed Wanderers have delighted listeners with well-crafted songs that constantly engages listeners in every play.

Track List:
1. No Longer Waiting
2. Take It Back
3. Roll With The Times
4. Quiver In My Bones
5. Interlude
6. So Long Blues
7. Hard Times
8. Tired Of Wandering
9. You Should Know By Now
10. Open
11. Freedom Town

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