Shannon Callihan‘s first EP titled HMO is a pleasurable mix of R&B, Soul and electronic music that appeals to various musical tastes. The indie artist from Nashville, TN cooks up seven impeccable tracks that have been produced and written by Chasen Little and Callihan herself.

With its clean lines and ample use of soul and electro, title track Where We’re Going creates an eargasmic celebration that will surely make you groove. Here, Callihan interlaces vintage funk samples with smooth R&B vibe to create this conflation of different well-loved genres that works as a solid organic whole.

Want Me Back follows the same sonic mold as that of Where We’re Going. However, what makes this piece different is its use of thick layers of R&b vocals while electro beats takes a step back as supporting undertones.

New Number opens in a collage of radio samples that slowly build into energy-filled dance tunes. Meanwhile, Missed A Chance uses the well-loved combination of electro and R&B to create hip, youthful melodies for every day listening.

For a first EP, HMO is a well-polished collection that shows big potential for Callihan and her astute musical talent to blend melodies that jibe well together. So download, press play, and let this budding artist treat you with heaps of energy.

Track List:
1. Where We’re Going
2. Want Me Back
3. Watch Over You
4. Help Me Out
5. New Number
6. The Deep End
7. Missed A Chance

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