A little bit of bossanova, electro-acoustic sounds, electropop delight, some disco/jazz influence and great vocals in all the right places; What Is All About is certainly a melting pot for your senses.

Released in 2010 by Johnwaynes album (made available for a download by the Optimus Discos Label), brings us five excellent tracks ready to bright up your day with their light and chill out sounds that will not be quickly forgotten.

Johnwaynes have been around for a while now. They have been performing and producing new gorgeous melodies since 2005, and it seems that the end is nowhere in sight.

What Is All About is one of over 15 records that the band has released over the years, yet it’s mix of vocals and wide range of musical influences sets it wide apart from the rest of mostly instrumental, minimalistic acid house classics the fans are use to hear.
The album starts off with one of my favorites cuts, The One. This part electronic, pop, jazzy tune is filled with mood lifting, playful melodies and hypnotizing female vocals (which for some unexplained reason made me start thinking of Morcheeba); add to it the lovely music video, which you can watch below, and you have yourself a clear winner.

But aside from The One, the album comes with a number of other great tracks. What Is All About starts off with a tropical beats, progressing into a jazz piano bits, and amazing lyrics combined with vocals that on some level make me feel like I should be watching an old Hollywood classic. The last track, Mindbreaker, on the other hand, is a more disco influenced piece which starts off with a lovely piano solo and more chilled electronic additions.

The greatest strength of What Is All About is certainly it’s diversity of sounds; it’s unique combination of different genres, electronic beats and instrumental work. And it’s quality production only adds to the positives. So go ahead, click download, and give this one a go.

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