Armed with a guitar and a strong, wanderlust spirit, listen as REW<< creates wonderful songs in hotel rooms and train compartments.

Departeures is a ten-track ambient folk collection that takes the listeners to a splendid and reflective journey throughout different timezones. REW<< (Ryan Weber of Milwaukee’s Eric & Magill) recorded this album from July to September 2013 while traveling across Kenya, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Lighting things up is title track Departeures, which features soft cooing acoustics and ghostly vocals that drifts flawlessly in each note. This track casts an ambient, emotional mood perfect for some self contemplation.

Dr. Matatu combines controlled, piano keys with atmospheric vocals. The artistic freedom utilized in this piece is surprising. The ambient delivery adds a dark texture to the whimsical piano arrangement.

In Oh Wounded Butterfly, REW<< creates a blooming garden of electro tunes that extends and disintegrate at their own natural phase. Grab a bottle of vino, feel the sand, and listen to this pristine track as you watch the sunset by the beach.

A personal favorite, Sensed Horse blends electronic, folk, and ambient musings into a sonic goldmine. Press play and let funky electro beats and acoustic arrangement uplift your weary soul.

Ending the piece in majestic ambient arrangement is Arriver. In this track, REW<< translates the sense of fulfillment that a traveler feels at end of each journey. Listen as the plethora of instrumentation and samples reverberates and slows down into classical heaven.

Departeures is not just a collection of songs, it is a part of the artist’s self that he wants to share to the listeners. The tracks here has a certain impact to the core as they are driven by emotions, cultural influences, and landscapes more than sonic structure.

Track List:
1. Departeures
2. Dr. Matatu
3. Rush, Bye
4. Oh Wounded Butterfly
5. ¡Domino!
6. Weight Lifting Montage
7. Forgery
8. Sensed Horse
9. In Waves
10. Arriver

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