Loveha+ers is an EP ruled by a fictional story about a girl who fell in love with a boy who is in love with another girl. It is a love triangle that brings love and hate together. By the inspiration of the EP, you may quite realize that Emmavie is an imaginative and creative artist, drawing her muse from a story that she built in her own mind.

Emmavie is a 22-year-old producer and artist from Harrow, London. Her musical influences include The Neptunes, Erykah Badu, Dorian Concept, to name a few. Dominating this EP is a combination of electronic infused r&b/hip hop/soul music just for you.

From the tile of the first track itself, Jealous Jealous Jealous is about being deeply hurt by the one you love after confessing your feelings to him. This is the soundtrack for all broken hearts.

Missing One Thing is an emotional song. According to Emmavie, this is the part where the girl pours her heart to the boy by serenading him. She tells him how wonderful and close to being impeccable he is, and that the only thing missing in his life is her.

Getting Nothing is a song about when the boy rejected the girl’s love.

Loveha+ers is not only a testament to her absolute tenacity as an artist, but also a commanding soul record that stages her amazing vocal capacity with a brief collection of eruditely made songs.

Track List:
1. Jealous Jealous Jealous
2. Missing One Thing
3. L+VEHATER/Fatal Attraction
4. Getting Nothing
5. Don’t Run Away
6. I Remember (Bonus)

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