If you’re idea of a relaxing afternoon includes having the perfect music to accompany your little getaway, then you should take a listen to Yesper.

There’s no band in here though; only one man with glasses, a slight beard and his guitar playing the sweetest indie acoustic folk you’ll come across. Recorded in an empty Seattle storefront, Cannibal King is a 5-track mini release filled with nothing but the kind of tracks you can relax and fall asleep to, in a good way of course.

Kicking things off is the title track, Cannibal King. Coupled with simple guitar work and a nice melody, the track is instantly likable. Whether you’re the type who likes to listen to the lyrics or simply prefer to enjoy the rhythm and melody, this song will put your soul at ease.

Racer, follows next and it’s a slightly upbeat single that features a steady beat and hypnotic vocal work. Right at the middle part, there’s a slight lull but it manages to maintain its charm nonetheless. Secret and Weight, come in next. Both are acoustic gems and enriches the album’s roster of tracks. Final single, Hovercars, is a subtle acoustic indie piece that caps the record perfectly.

Overall, you have five cuts that are harmonious, relaxing and utterly charming. It’s hard not to fall in love with these tracks especially if you’re a sucker for indie acoustic folk.

The short record is available at a free/name-your-price-download over at BandCamp. Grab it and enjoy!

Track list:
1. cannibal king
2. racer
3. secret
4. weight
5. hovercars

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