This one is for all the sport lovers out there who need a break from all the action and adventure games on Android. Pool Master Pro is a perfect pool game for casually killing time or just going out there and ripping the competition for some serious bragging rights.

Developed by Terran Droid, the game really snatches the crown with it’s presentation and fluidity it has to offer. No wonder it is the No.1 pool game in the Android Market.

Pool Master Pro has all the offerings of a high-end paid game for free. Talking about the graphics, the detailing is top-notch with very realistic 3D ball animation and the various designs sported by the pool tables. On the control front, things get very intuitive and adapting to gameplay is like a walk-in-the-park.

It also offers quite a few game modes, such as, 8-Ball Pool and 9-Ball Pool complete with Single Player Mode (no rules), Challenge Mode (2 minuets time limit with high-score record), and Practice Mode (to hone and polish those skills). There is also an option to play in VS mode either against the computer or another player.

The other rules are the conventional 8-Ball and 9-Ball rules with nothing extra. The game offers a very nice experience and touchscreen users will love the feedback the game has to offer in terms of accuracy and competition. Overall, the game should feature on every sport lovers app page and heat up the competition.

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