Always envied the photo effects of the big-wig fashion magazines? Loved the way the beauty of the landscape was shown through your eyes? Well, no more do you require a photo-suit costing a bomb as Color Touch for Android works like a charm.

Created by Swiss Codemonkeys, this developer is an experienced player in the Android Market scene. Casual and fun apps might be their forte but on a serious note, they really do not disappoint with Color Touch a bit.

The whole app circles around image manipulation and users will love it for the extensive number of tools it has to offer. Basically, select any image from the phone gallery, new picture from the camera or from Facebook and you can literally do pretty much anything that your heart desires.

Though Color Touch is a free and casual app, some of the results it churns up after a smart editing session is just great. The app once fired up requires the user to select an image either from the gallery, camera or Facebook. Once the image has been selected, the real game begins. In-App there are three tabs, namely Paint (here the editing takes place), Effects (Choosing of various settings) and Caption (to edit text color, background of text, add marging, Top title and Bottom title).


Under the effects sections, users are spoiled for choice between Original, Mono, Sepia, Old Mono, Old, Infrared, Auto-Contrast, Color Balance, Contrast & Color Balance, Color Rotate, Cross Process, Boost Dark, Lomo, Negative, Solarize, Thermal, Xray, Old Magazine and Zoom. Whew. this is more than anyone can handle, nevertheless the choices are making this app a perfect tool for all.

The best part about Color Touch and the reason why I personally recommend it is that the manipulation of the image area is decided by the user and not the app itself. So, for example, if someone wants 50% area to be Lomo, 25% area Solarized and 25% area Sepia, well that is totally possible. The inclusion of a brush for adding the effects to the desired area ads to the whole Intuitiveness factor. In-app adding effects to the most minuet points is easy as 1-2-3, thanks to the zoom tool in the Paint section.

Overall, the app is one great development and definitely the finest in its genre. New users will take some time adapting to the whole process, but once learnt, there is surely no turning back. A big thumbs-up to the developer and the functionality of Color Touch. My personal rating 5 out of 5.

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