iOS and the respective devices are a charm and have a panache of their own, but the biggest downside is the closed ecosystem that they adhere to. Many iOS device owners have a gripe against the puny video formats that iOS supports and many times converters burn a huge hole-in-the-pocket. All this changes with AirVideo, an app that takes the media consumption of Apple devices to a new level.

AirVideo is developed by InMethod s.r.o. who have done a fabulous job in every aspect, and this clearly reflects in their very clean, but highly capable app.

iOS currently only supports a handful of formats and has largely ignored the more popular HD video formats such as Divx, .avi, .mkv to name a few. This is where AirVideo kicks-in; the app converts all video on-the-fly and plays it directly on your iDevice. Yes, no more additional converters, no extra space taken on your device, no nothing. Everything happens over Wi-Fi and it happens very swiftly in real-time.

Every iOS device is limited to a certain storage space and HD movies do take up a lot of it, AirVideo transfers files over-the-air, thus putting no extra burden on storage and allowing the user to watch their entire collection of movies without breaking a sweat. The User-Interface of AirVideo is great to say the least, nothing over-the-top, but something that is streamlined enough to appear easy to first-timers even.

Overall, AirVideo is an app that was much needed to be present on the iOS system and in true sense, does full justice to the power of iOS devices. The free version has limited functionality, where it displays only a handful of thumbnails and which really does not affect the other functionality at all. The full version costs $2.99 and is worth the price tag.

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