Wi-Fi Analyzer is for everyone who relies heavily on various Wi-Fi networks at home, home-office, airport, coffee-shops and other shared places. The Internet is a truly amazing invention which forever changed the way we work and stay productive; and sometimes staying productive means working at a slightly higher speeds.

Developed by Farproc, the app is providing users with a lot more than just connecting to a wireless network. And after researching numerous options available on the market I can easily say that Wi-Fi Analyzer is the finest among the offerings.

Wi-Fi Analyzer is very true to its name; the app analyzes the strength of the multiple Wi-Fi signals available at a given time. This is really helpful and neat, as it helps the user to select the best connection available. Additionally, the app helps the user to select the best possible channel for their router.

For newbies, the Wi-Fi channel is a range of radio frequencies that a wireless router makes use of, to communicate with various other Wi-Fi devices at any given point. The app also has a very neat graphical view, which depicts the current signal strength of all wireless connections and also, the overlapping connections (if any).

Wi-Fi Analyzer provides the users with multiple options, such as, scanning Interval, manual or automatic scan for networks, available channels, open network indicator, fill channel graph, and ability to turn on Wi-Fi automatically. The app might just be an advanced users best-friend, with the ability to keep a track of SSID’s, API’s and get details about the shared ones. Further, users can also merge the duplicated APs for less errors and clashes.

Wi-Fi Analyzer at the present moment does not support AdHoc networks, but still recognizes them. The developer has issued a statement, that he is working on it and in future, this functionality will be supported. Overall, a perfect solution for Android owners.

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