Pinball has always been considered to be a fun, addictive, intuitive arcade classic that refuses to go out of style. Years later and here it is again on the new age smartphone. Pinball Classic is very true to the name and old-school fans will appreciate the fact that the developer has not tinkered a lot with the game’s layout.

Developed by Terran Droid, the same people who have the top rated game Pool Master Pro in their kitty, Pinball Classic in a similar way does not let down.

The game does not try to steer away from the actual game by throwing-in stuff like Zombies, Spaceships, Cowboys, James Bond etc. This is the true classic game at its best. The graphics are top-notch and just the way they meant to be. Moreover, the animations integrated within the board are also class and add to the whole intuitive feel.

What I really loved in this game was that the board is not unusually cluttered like some of the other virtual pinball games. The gameplay is very simple to say the least. To launch the ball, players need to slide their finger back and hold till the spring reaches its maximum stretch point. The Flippers are controlled by flicking them on the touchscreen.

Overall, Pinball Classic has its own share of shortcomings no doubt, but players who love casual gaming or love Pinball in any form away from the table, will adore this version. A great product by the developer and a big thumbs up to them for offering up a classic, the way it is meant to be.

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