How many times have you thought of developing an app, and seeing it in full glory on a particular device or platform? Well, if you have given it a thought, Adobe Flex is the tool for you.

This particular software eases the process of developing apps that run seamlessly on the iOS, Android, and Blackberry Tablet OS platforms. The buck does not stop here, with Adobe Flex, developing applications for traditional browsers and desktops is also possible using the exactly the same programming model as for mobile ones.

The Flex update version 4.5 is the latest, and brings in support for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Tablet OS and is built on the Adobe Flash architecture. Yes, even though Apple does not allow the use of in-browser Flash, these apps can be developed as stand alone ipa (iPhone Applications), the biggest move made for iOS developers till date. Developers trying to give this SDK (Software Development Kit) a try, would need sufficient knowledge of Drupal, Flex Builder, MXML, PHP and MySQL.

What really sets Adobe Flex apart is the use of ActionScrpit 3.0. Developers were already creating ActionScript 3.0 applications in Adobe Flex, much before ActionScript 3.0 was offered to Flash Developers. Also, a major development working in Adobe Flex’s favor is the software environment needs no timeline, but at the same time its use is not limited and neither is the functionality cut.

The integration options with Adobe Flex also make this development program a developers best-friend, with back-ends including Java, Spring, Hibernate, PHP, Ruby to name a few. It’s also brings flexibility to developers allowing them to build flash based apps for the iOS.

The entire data available on Adobe Flex is very vast, and a newbie with basic knowledge of programming, and development language can just breeze through the entire app developmental procedure, sometimes taking just 2 hours to develop a full-fledged application. Adobe Flex runs on, Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista (32-bit), and XP Professional with SP 2 or 3, Only Intel-processor based Mac OS X (v10.5.6), Ubuntu 9.10, and Fedora Core 12.

Flex is a free Open-source software, and it is a must try for all newbie developers out there. A big advantage to developers choosing Adobe Flex is also the extensive number of tutorials available on sites such as Youtube and a plethora of help site available for in-depth app creation procedure.

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