There’s no missing the artistic talent underlying Carsie Blanton‘s follow-up album, Buoy.

Originally planned as two five-track EPs, the project evolved into a full-blown nine-song catalog that was released July 22, 2009.

Based in Philapadelphia, PA, Carsie Blanton is a singer/songwriter who have already toured with Paul Simon, the Wood Brothers, the Weepies and Joan Osborne. She is known for her uncanny lines and tasty American pop tracks. Currently, she has released her latest album Idiot Heart.

The collection hits off with Buoy, a perfect title track adorned with hand-clapping rhythms and a sunny vibe. With just a catchy and simple melody, Carsie’s natural vocal talent shines through.

Itches and Tugs takes the soulful avenue washed with feel-good drum beats and guitar strings. The self-penned lyrics are too clever to be left unnoticed, they’re simple yet paint an irony of sweetness and pain.

Responding with much more sheen, Money in the Bank explores on first kisses and one night stands. I loved how the track evokes such a flirty vibe transporting the listener to their wild free days.

Crazy for Love exudes an emotional clarity. Accompanied with a piano, this track is remarkably slower than the others. What I like about this piece is how it seals up the definition of love. Here, Carsie takes love to another level — from a more personal experience to a general one. It’s a good thing for an artist to stretch her subject matter in order for the songs to grow on its own.

Carsie Blanton is in a league of her own. Her explorations of love and guilty pleasures produce tracks that are highly addictive; you can’t even point out which are your favorites.

All in all, Buoy is a satisfying album that will make you remember love in its purest sense.

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