Paul Simon

Ghastly Menace: Pitcairn

Although indie bands are abundant these days, occasionally you'll find a group that deserves all the hype they're getting. Ghastly Menace is one of these groups. Composed of Andrew Schroeder and Christopher Geick (formerly of They Found Me, They Named Me;) the duo set their sights in creating a wonderfully melodic and entertainingly sweet indie pop band. Pitcairn is their first EP. It contains 5 songs that clock in at less than 3 minutes each but filled with some gorgeous and catchy beats that makes you want to leave it on loop for a long time.

Carsie Blanton: Buoy

There's no missing the artistic talent underlying Carsie Blanton's follow-up album, Buoy. Originally planned as two five-track EPs, the project evolved into a full-blown nine-song catalog that was released last July 22, 2009. Based on Philapadelphia, PA, Carsie Blanton is a singer/songwriter who have already toured with Paul Simon, the Wood Brothers, the Weepies and Joan Osborne. She is known for her uncanny lines and tasty American pop tracks. Currently, she has released her latest album Idiot Heart.