If you’ve been following City and Colour a.k.a. Dallas Green, then you’ll definitely know that the latest release from this alternative rock artist is packed with intimate moments, inspired songwriting, and dynamism.

In Retrospective, the singer/songwriter from St. Catharines, ON collected all of his musical masterpieces throughout his five-album career. The 10 songs featured in this album is a showcase of City and Colour’s taste and refined sound.

Opening track, Blood, basks in minimalist beauty with soft cooing folk strings that blend seamlessly with earthy vocals. Here, City and Colour stimulates our most primal senses, inducing us for a minute or two of self-reflection while being serenaded with his stripped-down melodies.

Runaway, on the other hand, takes the route of folk rock. The song’s a little more upbeat than Blood but still maintains the artist’s preference for honest acoustics over grander gestures.

Meanwhile, Weightless is a play on contrast. The overall arrangement of the piece is edgy, with thick rock ensembles. However, that’s toned down with the artist’s echoing vocals, creating a yin-yang relationship between intensity and softness.

In Retrospective, City and Colour reminds us about taste, autheticity, and experience. The collection is a noteworthy album for music lovers who appreciate substance over grandeur.

Track List:

1. Blood
2. Runaway
3. Thirst
4. Two Coins
5. Weightless
6. Sorrowing Man
7. Sensible Heart
8. The Girl
9. Casey’s Song
10. Comin’ Home

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