Euro-Trash Girl‘s latest EP Afterhours sounds like a big-time pop rock album.

The band composed of Judit Casado, Luis Martínez, Jorge Álvarez, Endika Martín and Tino Nocedal, places their roots from Valencia, Spain. The three songs offered in this set takes on an American rock sensibility.

Afterhours kicks off with raw energy and fuzzy guitars. The superb female vocals make a stark contrast to the rock-sounding melodies. It also adds a softer spot making it more listenable.

Leaning on a pop rock aesthetic, Stop Your Sobbing is a cover from R. Davies/The Pretenders. This song evokes a great deal of uplifting emotions which is a hard thing to do. I commend the band’s boldness to blend an encouraging/positive subject matter to a rock-angst vibe.

When Tomorrow Comes paints a more vivid picture of optimism about love. It also showcases the catchy, easy-hooking rhythms that have been executed all throughout the album.

Overall, the tracks features in Afterhours tends to bleed an emotional positive view rather than a depressing one. I love how the tracks here are flirty, playful and fresh.

The album was produced by Luis Martinez while the quirky artwork cover is by the talented hands of Mirea Perez. Check out her works here.

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