Before you dismiss Debbie Neigher as just another wannabe Tori Amos with her piano playing skills and vocals; there’s actually more to her than that.

Neigher is a classically trained pianist and songwriter. This is a debut record for the artist and it’s proving quite intense and personal. In it, she tackles various topics ranging from sexual assault to musings about what happened to her best friend.

It’s these lyrics plus the wonderful delivery that makes her sound more intriguing and worth checking. 

The album was produced by John Vandersplice of Tiny Telephone Recording studion whose past works included collaborations with Spoon and The Mountain Goats. It contains 10 tracks that show off Neigher’s jazzy vocals and skillful piano skills.

Most of the cuts here are mellow with a touch of indie pop and her singing style is reminiscent of her idol, Regina Spektor. The petite singer opens the album with Evergreens, which is a delightful single that’s instantly catchy. It’s a cut that contemplates about chasing a dream, as the artist asks “I am lying in my bed of Evergreens in my head, should I trade these for Redwoods and oceans?”

Exploring her more jazzy side, What Say You Now is a slow cut that plays on Neighers hypnotic vocals. It’s a beautiful song that you can easily imagine listening to inside a quiet, moody club. One other track that’s a must listen is Pink Chalk. This one is a very personal piece for the singer as it sees tackling the sensitive topic of sexual assault.

In the end, this might not be as powerful as that of Tori Amos but for a debut album Debbie Neigher has definitely brought her A-game to the table. It’s a sentimental piece that’s perfect for easy-listening. Go ahead and grab the download. This one is available at a name-your-price option.

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