While Vic Spencer may be relatively unfamiliar to the mainstream, the rapper is celebrated as a local legend in Chicago’s underground hip-hop scene. Helped, in part, by his recent collaborations with Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa, the rapper is finally moving towards getting the attention he deserves, and his ascent is only quickened by stellar releases like his latest project with producer SonnyJimSpencer for Higher.

Spencer’s style of rap is distinctive in the way it uses a slow, ominous delivery to create an atmosphere of tension and gravity. It is easy to tell, by his fascination with internal rhymes and unpredictable flow, that he’s an MF DOOM acolyte. When it comes to his lyrical style, the rapper shifts back and forth between old-school “gangsta” braggadocio and easy-going, often self-deprecating confessions like being horrified on realizing how much he’d paid for a pair of Yeezy Boost sneakers. With this, he seems to be, at once, paying tribute as well as making fun of the kind of music he grew up listening. SonnyJim, meanwhile, provides Vic with a backdrop of heavy, booming rhythms and a bountiful dose of jazz and soul samples.

Favorite Tracks: Bleek Gilliam, Primal Rage, Uzi Shopping, Nia’s Long Weed Stash

Track List
1. Hex Hawking (feat Ironside Hex) 02:31
2. Adventures Of Ew McNasty 02:03
3. Bleek Gilliam 02:22
4. Primal Rage (feat Quelle Chris) 03:16
5. Alex Trebek 02:01
6. Uzi Shopping (feat Sonnyjim) 03:14
7. Happy Dollars 02:19
8. Gs3 (feat Hus KingPin & Sonnyjim) 03:55
9. SauceMANIA (feat Chris Crack) 02:52
10. Nia Long’s Weed Stash 02:36
11. Daupe! Sell Itself (feat Sonnyjim) 02:19
12. Husky Contacter Bags (feat Verbal Kent & D Brash) 03:37
13. Uncle Shoes Outro 01:04
14. SauceMANIA (feat Chris Crack) (Big Ghost Remix) 02:37

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