The iPad can act as so many things at once, a camera, an iPod, E-book reader, gaming console and the likes. How about your iPad becoming your travel and tour guide? Sounds interesting? Yes, Wikihood is an app that transforms your iPad into a full-fledged location expert.

Wikihood can be called a marriage between Google maps and Wikipedia, mostly because places are shown in the form of maps with all the information available in the Wikipedia bank filling in the blanks about that particular place.

The app is great for anyone who loves traveling. It is really awesome to use and throws up interesting places to visit at your current location; sometimes even showing up searches near your home that you never knew existed. Working in a more precise manner, Wikihood not only locates your current city location, but also shows places of interest according to your GPS coordinate. Truly Wow.

Wikihood segregates the available data into three parts, namely, distance from the closest attraction, relevance about the most important nearby places, and popularity. There is a completely enhanced map component which shows all the locations as pushpins (similar to the Google Maps in iOS) along with a picture on their own satellite map.

If you are looking for the nearest mountain or seaside, Wikihood will tell you the exact distance, provide Wikipedia articles, and popularity in a jiffy. The very smooth integration of Wikihood with Wikipedia really helps with articles popping up instantaneously with the related location.

Wikihood for iPad is currently offered for free. The app has an elder brother in the form of Wikihood Plus which costs $6.99 and adds two extra categories, economy, geography and also adds Wikipedia search within the app.

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