Wikipedia might have received a wide array of custom apps on the iOS platform already, but Wikiamo could just be one of the best of such apps out there so far. As an intuitive Wikipedia viewer, it makes the entire reading process a pure joy. Developed by Satoshi Nakagawa, the app is really uncluttered and provides the readers with a host of options for the best Wikipedia article viewing.


The iPad can act as so many things at once, a camera, an iPod, E-book reader, gaming console and the likes. How about your iPad becoming your travel and tour guide? Sounds interesting? Yes, Wikihood is an app that just transforms your iPad into a full-fledged tour guide and location expert. Wikihood can be called a marriage between Google maps and Wikipedia, mostly because places are shown in the form of maps with all the information available in the Wikipedia bank filling in the blanks about that particular place.