To all of our readers in search of some quality content, here is a little treat that you should check out right away, NPR Music. This app truly offers a classic mix of music from a variety of genres, music news, articles, reviews, interviews, live concerts and exclusive streams to name a few. The App Store page even goes to the extent of labeling NPR Music as “your guide to new music”. Does it live up to the promises? Lets check-it out.

Developed by NPR themselves, this app boasts of quality all the way through. The developers very well knew what they wanted and churned out the best possible app with the maximum offerings for the users. A big thumbs-up to NPR for the initiative.

The user-interface of the app is slick, but takes a little while getting around. The whole UI is like a magazine style layout which sometimes gets confusing to reach various tabs on offer. Though it is still attractive and well worth getting around as there is a plethora of great content to enjoy.

The app also packs-in a great feature for the more choosy listeners, under which, there is a good group of featured radio stations users can listen to in-app, covering genres like Rock, Jazz, Classical, Hip-Hop/R&B, Folk, World, and Electronic/Dance. Thus, the NPR Music app surely knows how to keep everyone happy.

There is a program selection tool in-app, that allows users to choose ‘Song of the Day’, ‘Favorite Sessions’ (exclusive performances from public radio stations), ‘Tiny Desk Concerts’ (musicians recorded live in the NPR music office), ‘NPR Music Live’ (concert recordings from venues and festivals across the country), ’50 Great Voices’ (stories of awe-inspiring voices from around the world) and more. Each of these offer a great opportunity to discover new music and artists.

Overall, the NPR Music app will be the best-friend to every music buff and the plethora of options, and stations available to the user is humongous. The app looks great if used on the iPad due to the very click magazine layout. A 4-out-of-5 stars for this one.

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