Usually network providers promise high-data downlink and uplink speed on 3G/4G networks at premium price plans, but rarely are those speeds witnessed. Well, the perfect solution for testing the actual upload and download speed is

This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive network speed tester available. Made by Ookla, the developers are big-players in the broadband world and lead in web-based network diagnostic applications. The accuracy with which the service throws results, on smartphone as well as web, is really app-laudable to a great extent.

Talking about the smartphone app, does an excellent job. Users get a list of their current network details, irrespective of 3G, 4g or EDGE data-connections. So, fire up the on your device and the app begins to search for the closest server. On completion, users can begin test and Voila! the app shows the time taken to complete ping test, download speed and upload speed. The app throws up very accurate results with a tolerable +/- 5% error, but nonetheless great.

The smartphone app also provides users with the option to display speed in Kbps, Mbps, kB/s. Further, users can sort test history via date, download or upload speed. Quite a neat and slick setup for a great app. Advanced users will love the ability to control animations of the app according to their preferences and decide if they want Smooth Graphics or Better performance.
Additionally, the app provides network technical information, such as, Internak IP, External IP, Latitude, Longitude positioning of the server.

Overall, the app is a class-apart and very effective for heavy-duty speed freaks who would love to take a snapshot of the result and share it on Facebook for some sweet bragging rights. The iOS and Android app both share the same user-interface without any differences. gets a big thumbs-up for no glitches, lag and hang-ups. A must have on every Android and iOS device.

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