It’s catchy. It’s edgy. And it’s not boring. Anjroo Birch‘s The ABC- EP is definitely worth checking out.

This one man band composed of Andrew Birchfield plays in the middle of blues, hip-hop and rock music. In The ABC- EP, the artist have concocted six impressively hip tracks.

Rocking a good time, Helicopter welcomes with funky guitar strings and a groovy vibe. Birchfield’s singing voice is properly greased; it takes on an edgy rocker style while maintaining a fun, catchy and all together soulful rhythm.

My Baby Sings Like a Bird assembles an ear seduction. Thick and powerful guitar solos are perfectly showered all throughout this polished track.

Taking on a more danceable vibe, Birchfiled arranges Sorry I Party with layered vocals and hook-dominating electric tunes. I love how he manages to incorporate the subject matter in the overall mood of the piece.

Loud and hard-hitting, Violence and Glory closes up with a heavy rock sensibility. This quite grungy song is occasionally punctuated with stingy electric guitar tunes.

Overall, The ABC РEP is perfect for those who are looking for a harmless fun. Anjroo Birch have crafted musical pieces that evokes the soul with a little bit of spice.

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