The self-released Full of the Light is a short assemblage that covers six melodic folk ballads with exceptionally low-key arrangements that boast of vocal layers, acoustic guitar, and a couple of overdubs. There’s a lot to digest in this album—Anna’s sweet vocals, guitar rhythms, and eloquent lines.

Anna Wiebe’s EP, which was released on July 2013, is indeed full of light music, which will keep you relaxed and easy breezy. This EP is a flawless work of art with a myriad of merging themes. Surely, this Guelph singer knows how to give a good stash of music.

Like drips of water seamlessly flowing to a stream, Much Else starts with subtle guitar strumming. The compelling recording, together with Anna’s spell-binding vocals warrants repeated listening.

Fifty Items gives you fifty reasons (or more) why you should consider adding this to your playlist. Once again, the singer’s pristine voice, does not fail to enchant the ears.

Electronic beats and synth strings laces up Don’t Know How. Featuring extra production by Jake Scott, this song is an epic ambition that bolsters Anna’s potential.

An engaging blend of acoustic and folk. This EP is a work of art and not just simply an album.

Track List:
1. Much Else
2. Fifty Items
3. Love and Efficiency
4. Grass and Vines
5. Don’t Know How (feat. Jake Scott)
6. Full of the Light

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