Here we have yet another offering for all the sport-lovers out there. Virtual Table Tennis 3D is a perfect for casual gamers as well as for the high on competition fanatics, all complete with rich graphics and sound.

Created by Clapfoot Inc., who have been named a top developer on the market, the game is a great time-killer and sure to be enjoyed by all.

The game is the usual table-tennis fare with the same set of rules and gameplay. What really excites are the graphics, the AI responsiveness and the intuitiveness; these are the few factors that truly raise the bar for this game.

Unlike other sport games, where players depend on the virtual joystick (Touchscreen) or hardware buttons (QWERTY handsets), Virtual Table Tennis scores by integrating the finger-flick. So now players need to hit the oncoming serve in any direction they desire with a simple flick of the finger. Simplicity at its best. The game features 30 levels acompanied by 3 different difficulty settings.

The graphics is something to really look forward to, with a touch of realism accompanying the TT board, the rackets, the ping-pong ball and the very subtle surroundings; all thanks to the OpenGL 3D graphics architecture. Further, players are also able to return AI shots with smashes or take the trick route and give the ball an extra spin. Its all how you choose to play.

Overall, the game is fun and really takes the crown away from other table tennis games available. So, if you love to play sport games that do not lag and provide a positive feedback on your Android, then Virtual Table Tennis 3D is the must have. The game is a free one so the developer depends on in-game adverts for revenues, users always have the option of eliminating the advertisements by purchasing the PRO version.

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