We have already wrote about Khan Academy on FrostClick before, highlighting their amazing educational resources and videos ready to get you on the target, and now there is even more. So for all the Know-It-All fans here is the official Khan app for the iPad, one of the best educational offering till date to hit the iOS scene.

Developed by the Khan Academy team, timely volunteers and part-time contributors, the app is a class apart and surely does what only can leave the users imagination in awe.

If you are puzzled about what Khan Academy can do, well, it can do almost anything. The app can easily educate users on a vast variety of topics, which range from K-12 math to algebra, biology to chemistry, humanities to finance. As the users knowledge of topics might get exhausted, the app will keep churning out the best answers and solution.

The best part of the app, however, is that all the basic of every topic you might need are covered. So, if you are a newbie to the world of algebra and basics is what you need to brush-up on, then this app is the solution to all your questions. One could say that the app has three principles at its core 1) Discover, 2) Learn Fundamentals and 3) Master.

An iPad exclusive, the entire app looks gorgeous and very detailed on the large high-resolution screen. The whole user-interface is sleek, unique, and very easy to go about it. Khan Academy has a library of over 2700 videos for learning purposes, covering a range of topics. Users will be pleased to note that they can select individual videos or an entire playlist to watch it offline. A really big boon for people on Wi-Fi only iPad models.

Those with more of a competitive strike in them will be smiling when they notice the achievements section within the app. Once a user log-in with their Khan Academy user account, they get credit for watching videos and can track their progress over time. The developers plan to integrate exercises very soon with the next update.

Overall, the app is one-of-the-finest educational apps available on the iOS platform. Moreover, the app is not targeted at just one group of specific users, it is more universal in approach and does what it says. It deserves a 5-out-of-5 rating for sure.

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