If you want something to make you feel good throughout the day, then the Summerays might just do the trick. Daydream EP is a fun, indie pop compilation that conjures up images of relaxation at the beach and soaking up the sun.

The band describes their sound as surfer rock and certainly the songs they have are perfect for beach bumming days with friends and family. The EP comes with 5 simple but catchy tracks.

Summerays is actually a duo made up of Luke Teeters and Josh Bodnar**. Together they make music in their own little haven in Cleveland, OH.

Starting with the uptempo and super catchy, Toyohashi; the song narrates of a friend’s homecoming from Tokyo. This one serves as the perfect introduction to the band’s sound. It comes with a feel-good vibe and a really catchy beat. Plus, it has that characteristic surf rock sound that the duo specializes in.

This merry beat continues on with the second track, Spacious. This one comes with that beautiful acoustic, Hawaiin guitar strumming that makes you think of exotic places by the seaside. Meanwhile, third single, Cruisin, lowers the tempo a bit but still puts out that signature surfer sound that by now the boys have probably ingrained in its listeners. Finally, the last two tracks, Lately and Highlife, finish the record in the same vein.

Overall, Daydream EP seems like one extended cut divided into five parts. Each track is similar and highlights the band’s love for surf pop music. If you’re into the same thing then this should be a record worth checking out.

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“The band isn’t a duo. Luke Teeters wrote and recorded the whole EP. the live members include: Josh Bodnar, Shawn Nutting and Adam Ahlgrim.

Luke Teeters”