Don’t you just love feel-good music? The Suits’ self-entitled EP offers superb pieces that are ripe for your distinct musical palette.

Formed in 2011 at Fordham University, The Suits is a New York based band composed of Mike Sanz (producer/drum machine), Ian Grotto (bass/instrumentalist), Eric Grossman (lead guitar/instrumentalist), and Eddie Gore (lead singer/keyboardist). Their music can be described as a fusion of indie, rock, alternative, jazz, and hip hop compositions. Released last April 22, 2012, their new EP serves seven tasteful tracks that are fresh from the oven.

Commencement approaches with a plethora of steady electric guitars and ethereal keys. This magical track takes you back to images of the sea.

Following with a catchy rhythm, ONE is a sexy and edgy love song. Gore’s stellar vocals mixed with an electro and hip hop feel make this song a must-hear.

Delayed Reaction blooms in your ears like a garden in spring. This track is utterly enchanting with its subtle drum machines and ghostly vocals.

A personal favourite, Heart features a sunny vibe with freshly-brewed beats. Write Off, on the other hand, takes on a more experimental sound. It blends potent verses with an electro/video game sounding tunes.

Overall, The Suits EP is a flavorful collection that’s not tiresome to listen to. The album features infectious tracks that propose themselves as anthems for chilling out. This EP has proved that The Suits has arrived to the music scene, and are ready to stay.

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