Family Photos seems to be a band that’s all about capturing old-timey nostalgia, like when you’re all grown up and looking through all of your old photos, cringing at the funky haircut and the odd clothes.

Heavy Hearts is the band’s first official release. Their music combines indie and alternative rock but they also seamlessly echo a retro vibe to their sound.

Even though they’re fairly to the music scene, they have a lot riding up their sleeve. Their songs are dreamy and has the capacity to make listeners want to listen to them over and over again.

The 16-minute EP opens with the uptempo title track, Heavy Hearts. Strutting in with steady drums and a slightly new wave sound, the song talks about feeling down and being melancholic. There’s a homey vibe to it that makes listeners feel comfortable whether they pay attention to the lyrics or not. Thanks to this sense of familiarity, the band easily captures their audience.

In contrast to the opening cut, second single, All I Feel, is a midtempo cut that resonates with a mild acoustic vibe.¬†One of my favorite cuts on the EP though is the retro-sounding, How to Fake a Smile. From the vocals, the guitars and the general beat; the song makes you feel good and relaxed. It’s not impossible to find yourself playing the song over and over again.

Heavy Hearts finishes off with the 5-minute cut, You’re Not Proving Anything which is a heartfelt alternative indie number that collates all of the emotions explored in the previous tracks. It’s a fitting end to a great compilation.

Family Photos should be on your list of must check-out bands. They pretty much have a good formula set up; creating well-written tracks that are catchy and unique enough to attract a good variety of listeners. This EP is available at a name-your-price option at BandCamp. Take a listen. Worth every minute of it.

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