Gamers on Android, it is time to fasten your seat-belts and fire up a game that will surely tingle your gaming senses. SpcaeCat 3D is one game that will leave you wanting for more.

Created by The Pill Tree, this developer has developed a few games previous to this, but nothing really held ground like SpaceCat 3D. The download numbers are nothing astonishing, but nevertheless, the game is awesome to say the least.

SpaceCat 3D gives players the freedom to do anything from dodging walls, avoiding lasers, piloting through narrow passages, catching floating mice and pretty much everything that can be called an adventure. In-game, players are put way ahead in the future in 3122, where man has conquered space and has taken Cats along with him.

The cats need some free-time in space, so apart from riding in swanky flying saucers, they even indulge in catching mice while flying swiftly from point A-to-Point B. The cats are a boon for the spaceship crew as they go hovering through narrow holes and help in capturing the annoying mice.

The game may not boast of a Full-HD 1080p graphic presentation, but what it promises and delivers with a bang is the fun in gameplay. SpaceCat 3D provides users with a highly intuitive gameplay all while offering a plethora of customization for gaining the perfect edge. The game even boasts of several spaceship models with special characteristics and different themes.

Overall this game is a winner in every aspect and I personally have not stopped playing this title. It is a no-brainer that provides hours of endless fun and it does that very well.

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