Boasting a dynamism often missing these days, swelo‘s latest musical release titled Escalator Music is a curious amalgam of folk and modern musings.

Released last August 2013, the New Orleans-based band features a hefty 12-track collection that delivers a feel good musical experience.

Enter a jungle off beat boxing and fun whistling in Like That. Thirty seconds within the intro track and you’ll surely get curious with the band’s unique sonic palette.

Jumping atop funky piano tunes and bursting booms, Country Road showcases an indie-edgy sound mixed with crisp rapping solos. While Gypsy gives the right groove with hum-enducing melodies that leaves a pleasant mark to the ears.

Dancing between staccato beats and textured, grungy notes is D&H. The track is gratifying to listen to whether you’re in a bar or just chilling out with friends.

A personal favorite, Brighton opens with soft cooing guitar strings and vocals, slowly blending with hip hop electro beats. The impeccable mix of two contrasting genres that pauses and escalates in the right places supremely showcases the band’s vision and great potential.

In Escalator Music, swelo has mastered the art of transforming short detached musical notes into a remarkable, fun sound. Swelo is definitely a band to watch out for that sets the trend instead of riding the coattails of their indie counterparts.

Track List:

1. Like That (Intro)
2. Country Road
3. All Alone
4. Gypsy Break
5. D&H
6. Brighton
7. Not Like We Used To
8. This Step (ft. Jose Cotto)
9. 2 AM Interlude
11. Trust Me Dude, You’ll Get It
12. Fly (Outro)

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