When we think of the word ‘music’, many common tropes come to mind such as beats, chorus, singing and so on. Although this isn’t wrong in the slightest, alternative genres often remind us about the infinite possibilities hidden within the audio spectrum. One such genre is ambient music, which represents one half of Avion‘s Dreamin, the record occupying us today. Through 15 wonderfully subdued cuts, Avion produces a timeless, eclectic journey which seems to slow down time almost to a halt while lifting the listener with effortless grace. Let’s grab a nice cup of coffee and dive right into it.

Dreamin’s soundscape evolved from the textures and production style of Vaporwave, which has become a sizeable internet phenomenon at this point, aside from a respectable genre on its own right. With that foundation in mind, Avion has gone in an uncommon direction, relaxing the tracks until they lose almost all gravity, floating weightless across the plethora of flutes, synthesizers, gorgeous piano notes and other eclectic instrumentation comprising each song. Chord progressions are absolutely stunning at times such as in the title track or Mysterious, which provide both ominous and uplifting tones to great effect. Avion also goes for a more down-to-earth sound with the acoustic signature found in Relax Please and Natural Beauty. The result is a surprisingly dynamic album, wrapped in a veil of everflowing mystery that’s eerie and charming in equal proportion.

We could go on about what Dreamin brings to the table for the listener, but describing this album too in-depth defies its purpose. This record is a unique experience in a time where noise seems inescapable. An original, calm and relaxing journey that we thoroughly recommend to fans of all genres. The mystique found in Dreamin is not easy to replicate, thus we advise not to miss it.

Favorite tracks: Dreamin, Mysterious, Natural Beauty, Thoughts.


1. where are you? 04:29
2. sky full of stars 03:51
3. dreamin 03:08
4. mysterious 03:50
5. relax please 03:21
6. natural beauty 02:20
7. stranger 02:29
8. under the rain 04:05
9. bored 03:25
10. beach 03:35
11. hot summer 03:46
12. chillin easy 02:01
13. 夜club 1988 02:10
14. 奇妙thoughts 03:29
15. flashbacks 01:56

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