So Close to Midnight EP is an inspiring dance pop/rave EP that’ll make a good soundtrack for when you want to shake off those chilly summer nights and just dance.

Flashlights is the moniker for Denver duo, Ethan and Alex. Ever since they came out, they’ve been impressing tons of fans and listeners. Even managing to get themselves named as among NME’s Buzzworthy Acts as well as featured in other prominent magazines.

The band has been enjoying great exposure while performing high profile gigs and becoming ¬†staples to various festival venues. Listening to this, it’s not hard to see why.¬†

Described as an “electronic monsoon,” So Close to Midnight EP is indeed filled with a passionate flurry of electronic pop hits. Whether you want to keep it as a soundtrack to a mini late night rave; quiet cuddle-time moment with your partner or if you just want some chillout dance grooves to play while you enjoy the onset of dusk; the songs on here seem tailor made for that.

The party kicks off with Ruby Sun; a track that would definitely open any sunset party beautifully. With great loops and a catchy beat, the cut is the kind you play and enjoy without much thought. It’s definitely synthpop goodness at its best.

It’s followed by the subtle energy of the title cut, So Close to Midnight. It’s a midtempo pop hit that will easily get you groovin’ along. Fireworks and Slow Down further hold down the fort and keep listeners entertained. The infectious EP is finished off with Sleep Alone, which is a melodic synth-driven pop song.

Perhaps the best part about Flashlights is that they don’t just incorporate smooth grooves but they’re also quite heavy lyrically. It’s hard to see genuine and easily recognizable pop hits like this, let alone find them floating absolutely free online. This is one of those records you can’t miss. If a certain part of you adores pop, you would enjoy this one easy.

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