Great ragga riddims with a French flair. TRIBUMAN & Jammin’ Orchestra is all about reggae rap riddim beats that will get you bobbing your head and maybe breaking a step or two on the dancefloor. They even add a touch of jazz in there  which makes for a very good listen for this album.

If you like hip hop and reggae, then this is the right one for you. Even if you might not like to listen to bands whose language you don’t understand, TRIBUMAN & Jammin’ Orchestra’s New Style ina New Vibe is an album you might like to make an exception.


New Style ina New Vibe is composed of 5 tracks with one bonus track. All the cuts exemplify this band’s love for ragga dub riddim and jazz.  It opens with First Riddim, which is an instantly likable track. Being a reggae lover, it’s hard not to love this track. The rap reggae vocal style serves as a great contrast to the soft keyboard and jazzy feel of the background melody. Meanwhile, Move Ya! is more of a call to hit the floor with its slightly heavier and uptempo beat. A great track for dancefloor dance offs in some underground club downtown.

Although they prefer not be classified or identified as purely a reggae band, there’s no doubt that the band is highly influenced by the genre.  TRIBUMAN & Jammin’ Orchestra is one of the more innovative bands that have come out in recent years. They are barely three years old and they have already performed in plenty of great places including the Montreux Jazz Festival.

You can find their album licensed under creative commons. Listen to it and decide whether the energy, the vibe and the sound is worth all the hype.

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