dance pop

Flashlights: So Close To Midnight EP

So Close to Midnight EP is an inspiring dance pop/rave EP that'll make a good soundtrack for when you want to shake off those chilly summer nights and just dance. Flashlights is the moniker for Denver duo, Ethan and Alex. Ever since they came out, they've been impressing tons of fans and listeners. Even managing to get themselves named as among NME's Buzzworthy Acts as well as featured in other prominent magazines. The band has been enjoying great exposure while performing high profile gigs and becoming staples to various festival venues. Listening to this, it's not hard to see why.

City of Glass: The Diving Bell EP

City of Glass easily captures that thin line between super pop and indie rock. Their sound is enveloped with almost everything that makes you want to dance around, head bob, stomp your feet and love indie pop rock even more. This Canadian duo have had a successful debut with their EP Equations, leading them to tour the Canadian circuit quite extensively. To gear up for their full length debut, they've released this teaser EP of sorts, The Diving Bell. Filled with 4 indie dance rock cuts, it's an EP worth listening to and checking out.

The Bonny Situation: Robot Says I Love You

Taking their name from the iconic movie Pulp Fiction, The Bonny Situation has definitely got one of the coolest names any indie film geek will recognize. The band itself is from Germany and have been around since 2007 with a slightly different lineup back then. Although the band admits that their sound is mostly consists of pop music, they do like to mix it up a bit; adding a little alternative and even new wave in there. Robot Says I Love You is a 2010 release from the group. Most of the tracks on the record were inspired by the contents of a 1978 diary from someone with the initials R.B.T.