If you’ve ever wondered what rockabilly music was like from a country like Portugal, then Dr. Frankenstein can give you a pretty good idea.

The Cursed Tapes is a collection of tracks inspired by the sun and sand. Of course, coming from someone who calls themselves Dr. Frankenstein, you can expect a hint of darkness enveloping the tracks as well.

The album itself is about two years old and was first released under netlabel, You Are Not Stealing Records back in 2010. 

You’ll find 5 tracks in this short but punchy compilation. Officially kicking things off is Necrofago; this fast paced 5-minute number combines strummy guitars, steady drums and some good old surfer vibe. It’s a really good way to start the record.

It’s followed by O Cérebro do Morto, which sounds like it belongs in a James Bond film from the 70s. This same retro feel makes the song easily likable as it makes the listeners feel as if they’ve known the song since before. Emergency Exit, and Theme for “The Mad Thinker,” continues this vintage vibe. The record is capped off by a slower track, Have You Seen It? Although this is quieter, it doesn’t diminish the energy from the previous cuts. It seems to be the right song to play as you enjoy that special sunset by the ocean side.

The Cursed Tapes would make great company if you ever find yourself heading out to the beach to catch some waves. It’s a compilation filled with funky surf rock and a tad hint of gothic flair. You can grab the album as a free download. Simply hit the link above and enjoy!

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