A downtempo, electro compilation filled with great bass lines and jazzy tones; this self-titled record from Shy Guys vs. Nurses makes for an intriguing listen.

Recorded back in the 90s along with most of the releases from the group, the tracks are over a decade old. To date, it seems the band has only played one show at “The Factory in Bellingham, Washington on September 15, 2000.”

Even though they might not be around anymore, they did left a good footprint behind in the form of this classic, easy listening album.

Despite the wear and tear, this mini EP from Shy Guys vs. Nurses, still sound quite modern and fresh. If you look up the band, you’ll likely find very little about them but their sound definitely manages to speak for themselves.

Armed with a fusion of jazz, blues and experimental electronica; the EP resounds with a Sneaker Pimps sound that was such a big hit during the late 90s.

From first listen, you’re greeted with a gorgeous electro-jazz piece complete with twinkly pianos and a sultry vibe in Slower Times. It’s a soundtrack to some of your more somber moments definitely. F Sharp Groove, follows next and brings in a little sunshine to the compilation. Featuring a prominent bass and a cool, bluesy groove; you’d find yourself slowly head bobbing to this cut.

Meanwhile, Super Believe, explores a more experimental side. Propelling a gamer, 8-bit sound and transforming it into a complex piece of music. Finally, Transylvania closes the EP with a jaunty and rockish rhythm. Distorted guitars and deep basslines coupled with some neat beats highlight the cut.

The EP deserves a listen and a download. One of the better unknown experimental electro jazz records to come out during the 90s. Check it out and see if you like it too.

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