Surfer Rock

Dr. Frankenstein: The Cursed Tapes

If you've ever wondered what rockabilly music was like from a country like Portugal, then Dr. Frankenstein can give you a pretty good idea. The Cursed Tapes is a collection of tracks inspired by the sun and sand. Of course, coming from someone who calls themselves Dr. Frankenstein, you can expect a hint of darkness enveloping the tracks as well. The album itself is about two years old and was first released under netlabel, You Are Not Stealing Records back in 2010.

The Miracals: Hermosa (EP)

If you miss the days of surfer rock music, rest assured, you'll be able to relive the nostalgia as you listen to The Miracals. (Yes, their name spelling is a bit weird but their music is quite pleasant.) All four members are college students from Southern California. They initially called themselves, "The Smiles" but for some reason changed it to The Miracals. They like to describe their music as "beach rock" or the more quirky "tropical grunge," gathering influence from one of the bands that shaped the genre, The Beach Boys. Hermosa EP is a nice compilation that screams of summer fun. Even in the dead of winter, it's perfect for bringing some sunshine to dreary mornings.